Personalized gifts, whose name comes first?

Content updated 7.18.2017

As we design a lot of gifts for anniversaries. A common question we receive is who’s name comes first when personalizing a gift with couple’s name.

Q. When gift giving, which name comes first?

For example: The personalized gift is for my wife, would her name come first on the print?

A. Traditionally, the man’s name comes first, but…

Good question! First, let’s clear up the fact that there are no gift giving rules that indicate whose name comes first in personalized gifts.

However, traditionally — once married, the man’s name should appear first. So if you are more of a traditional couple, I would suggest abiding by that rule. Unless of course your wife is a doctor and then her name comes first.

For example:

John & Jane Doe


Dr. Jane & Mr. John Doe.

However, in our modern society and with the many facets of relationship types, I like to leave this up to the couple’s decision. Some couples prefer the way it sounds better to have Jane & John Doe and sometimes I have to agree. It may just flow better that way.

A good rule of thumb is to think about how most people address you.  Are you introduced as Jane & John or John & Jane?

Additionally, the situation can get a bit more complicated in same sex couples. Who comes first? Jane or Jennifer? Etiquette states it should be done alphabetically. But I would personally prefer listing it the way the couple feels best represents them.

In summary, use your best judgement or ask a friend how they would introduce you!


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