Anniversary Gifts By Year, What gift should you give?

Discover a curated selection of timeless anniversary wedding gifts to inspire your gift-giving journey year after year! Whether you’re celebrating the joy of newlywed bliss or the enduring love of a long-term commitment, explore traditional anniversary gifts that add a touch of nostalgia and meaning to your special day. From classic choices to unexpected treasures, there’s something for every couple to cherish as they commemorate each milestone together.

Here’s a chronological guide to the traditional anniversary gifts, each carrying its own unique symbolism:

1st : Paper

2nd: Cotton

3rd: Leather

4th: Fruit/Flowers

5th: Wood

6th: Candy/Iron

7th: Wool/Copper

8th: Pottery/Bronze

9th: Willow/Pottery

10th: Tin/Aluminum

11th: Steel

12th: Silk/Linen

13th: Lace

14th: Ivory

15th: Crystal

20th: China

25th: Silver

30th: Pearl

35th: Coral

40th: Ruby

45th: Sapphire

50th: Gold

60th: Diamond


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