Anniversary Gifts By Year, What gift should you give?

A list of traditional anniversary wedding gifts to help you pick the best gift year after year!

Newlywed couples and couples that have been in it for the long haul can start the celebration of your anniversaries by giving each other a traditional wedding anniversary gift! While these items can seem strange and often silly (fruit & willow?), there are creative ways to implement them into our modern lives.

Year by year, the gifts are as follows:

1st : Paper

2nd: Cotton

3rd: Leather

4th: Fruit/Flowers

5th: Wood

6th: Candy/Iron

7th: Wool/Copper

8th: Pottery/Bronze

9th: Willow/Pottery

10th: Tin/Aluminum

11th: Steel

12th: Silk/Linen

13th: Lace

14th: Ivory

15th: Crystal

20th: China

25th: Silver

30th: Pearl

35th: Coral

40th: Ruby

45th: Sapphire

50th: Gold

60th: Diamond


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