Giving back to our communities & sharing the love

Giving back to our communities & sharing the love

This is only our second holiday season as a small business. However each year we have actively donated to a local animal shelter in Pittsburgh, PA USA. Our first year we put all of our efforts in November and December for the benefit of the Western Pa Humane Society and this year we are doing the same for Animal Friends.

Due to the overwhelming support from our customers world wide, we have decided to donate all year long during 2015. However, our efforts will now be split between an animal organization in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos AND Pittsburgh, Pa USA.

As those that follow us and know our story, it is obvious on the reason that we decided on these two places. But for those that may just be tuning in, it is because Provo, Turks and Caicos is the reason we are in business. Without having visited that city with my husband in 2011, we would not have Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio as we know it today. And I am forever thankful for that fateful visit. Not only for my marriage that was born there, but also the business and life that I now live because of it.

The second is equally as important. I cannot place one above the other. Pittsburgh, PA USA will always be close to my heart. Not only are we both born and raised in da burgh. But it is the place we call home. It is where we raise our two 4-legged furry boys. And the place we always return to happily after traveling.

It may be cold right now. But I love this city. I am not sure that I would want anything different. Unless of course we could find reasonable rates to ship our products out of Provo! LOL

In any case, we are working on the final details of our charitable efforts for 2015. Due to the fact that we are avid animal lovers we will most likely continue on that path supporting organizations with similar goals in both cities.

As soon as we have everything worked out, I will be posting the details and arrangements on our about page.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us create a small business out of a passion to travel, to love, to be married and to hold on to memories that make up our lives.

We cannot wait to give back to our loved communities.


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