2 Months before vacation check list

The northeastern winter weather has been brutal this year. I’m spending a second weekend in a row indoors. Of course, the only thing I have to do is day dream about my next big vacation.

We leave for Grenada in just slightly over 2 months.

It seems sort of far off, but those weeks will fly by before I even realize it. So taking care of things now can help me to relax and get into that vacation mode sooner.

The things I am checking off my list 2 months prior to a vacation and recommend that you do the same, are below:

1. If you are a pet owner: secure your pet care now.

If you are like me, nothing is good enough for your pets, so we have someone stay at our home while we are away. Which is a bonus, because they double as a house sitter, someone to take care of bringing in the mail and being around for security.

Finding someone to stay in your home that you trust can take months, so start now. I recommend Fetch Pet Care if you have them in your location. If not, try searching for “premier dog boarding” or “luxury pet care” to see what is available in your location. You’re best friend will thank you and you’ll feel a lot better knowing that they are in good hands while you are away.

2. Decide if you need a house sitter.

If you have someone staying at your home for your pets, this should be built in. But if not, find someone that can bring in your mail, water your plants and rotate lights at a minimum.

If you are going to be gone for a week or longer, consider having someone cut your grass (or shovel your driveway depending on the season) if necessary and take out your trash. This not only prevents you from having a ton of work on your hands when you get home, but also gives the impression that your home is lived in and people are there, adding to the security of your home while away.

3. Make doctor appointments and check out the CDC for Travelers.

If you are taking prescription medicines or wearing contacts, now is the time to make sure you have enough supply to last through your vacation.
If you are traveling outside of your country, it is always a good idea to check out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for travelers. They keep an up to date database that will inform you if the location you are traveling to requires or recommends certain vaccinations as well as provides information regarding any current health concerns their may be. If you do require getting vaccinated, it’s best to get that done 4-6 weeks prior to traveling.

4. Stock up on travel sized products.

You can save money if buying sunscreen lotions in the winter months. Also each store carries different travel sized products. To get your favorite brands or must have items, you may need to shop around. In addition, spacing these purchases over several weeks lessens the burden of buying everything all at once. Plan ahead to keep your sanity and stay stress free the week before you leave.

5. Put together your mental checklist for must take items

Packing 2 months in advance is a bit extreme. However knowing if you need to purchase something before you leave is important because purchases in tourist locations will most likely be overpriced. (I once paid $18 for a tiny travel sized bug spray bottle in the Caribbean!).

Start to make a mental list of things you think you want to take and as you go through your day over the next couple of weeks, make a note of where those items are or if you need to purchase anything. (ie. do you have/need travel sized bug spray? did your last trip make you wish you had a carry-on bag? did you feel like you would be better off with a more comfortable pair of shoes? where is your sun hat?)


The more you get done now, the less you will have to do during the days leading up to your vacation. What things do you tend to leave until the last minute or are you the type of person that gets everything done well in advance?

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