Celebrating 2 years!

June 2nd, 2013 marked the first day we officially opened to the public. It was also Mike and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I have said it a million times since then, and however sappy it sounds, we wouldn’t be here today celebrating 2 years of small business ownership, with well over 5000 sales worldwide and growing, if it weren’t for the fact that Mike asked me to marry him and that we just happened to get married in Turks and Caicos. Those events — much like a butterfly effect — completely changed our lives. I cannot be more thankful for the support we have received. And I cannot be more thankful for the continued business we receive worldwide. As a husband & wife team, we are still completely floored and jaw-dropping stunned that we have been able to create our little business in Pittsburgh Pa out of our love story and by helping others remember theirs.

Live. Love. Travel and Celebrate everything. Every day. Every moment. For the rest of your lives.
Thank you!

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