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Mike joined the business full time in September 2014. He took over customer service, finance, office management, designing our push pin world travel maps and shipping/logistics just to name a few of the roles he has taken on. He’s probably the best employee for the job because he works around the clock, checking emails and Etsy convos at night, early morning and on the weekends (even when we are closed). But Mike isn’t all work all of the time. Take a moment and get to know the other half of Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio below:


Favorite Food: 3 way tie between Lasagna, Home made Mac and Cheese, and Chicken Cordon Blue. My mom’s lasagna is the best ever, as is my wife’s home made mac and cheese.

Favorite thing(s) to do: Going to the dirt track races. I’d go everyday if I could, period. I also enjoy playing with our dogs in the yard, walking with my wife, and hanging out with my friends any chance I can, no matter where it is.

Favorite vacation spot:  The Turks and Caicos islands… Providenciales to be specific. We were married there, but once you go there, you’ll be hooked. It’s the most beautiful place on earth to me and I don’t plan on finding one as nice.

Next vacation on the list: St Lucia…I’m bound to visit every island in the Caribbean

Must see before I die: Too many dirt races and tracks to mention and Bora Bora and Pape’ete

Favorite song:  Southern Cross by Crosby Stills and Nash

Best Friend? Besides my wife (guess I better say that for this site :)….I am also lucky enough to have two childhood friends that I am still best friends with to this day, Pineapple and Boopie or otherwise known as Tim and Brett

Current project (not work related):  I recently designed and built a bar in our game room.

The quick 10:

Weirdest thing about me: From what people tell me, the fact that I put jelly on my Sausage/Egg/Cheese breakfast sandwiches.
Favorite Color: The combo of Red/Black/White
Nickname: Miho
Can’t live without: Dirt Track racing, Coors Light and pretzels
Go to relaxation method: Sitting with my wife, drink in our hands, dogs at our feet, listening to music
Best childhood memory: Again, too many days and nights at the dirt track races. I’ve been going since I was 6yrs old.
What did you want to be when you grew up: Race Car Driver
Tattoos, yes or no? No…but if I ever own a race car, I will get one of the #55 in front of checkered flags
Favorite drink: Coors Light or Apple Juice for a non-alcoholic choice 🙂
Cabin in woods or mansion: Mix of each, I want a mansion, but in the woods

So what is your story, how did you ultimately become the CFO and management of Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio?

My story started in the banking industry. It started as a job to pay the bills out of college and turned into an 18 year “career”. I was never a fan of what I did and knew I never wanted to do it until I retired. I did however meet my wife while in one of those positions at the bank, for which I am forever grateful.
For our 2nd anniversary my wife made me a map of Turks and Caicos on cotton and unknown to me, started selling them online. It took off right away!!! After less than a month, she was overwhelmed with orders and had to either stop making them or quit her full time job. To be honest, after many nights lying awake worrying about the what-ifs, I told her to go for it and try her own business. Secretly I was hoping it would blossom and become my ticket out of the banking industry. I’m writing this story because it did….and I may be the happiest person now 🙂
When a part time employee had to leave our shop, it was time decision time again…this time for me. As a worrier and concerned for our future, I waited an extra 6 months to bite the bullet and quit my full time job and join our studio. Those are 6 months in my life I will never get back and wish I would have joined our studio earlier!!! Now I use the knowledge and experience in management I learned to help maintain and run our studio like a well oiled machine. Using processes that focus on time management and lean business practices, we are able to thrive in our small studio inside of our home. The most important thing I do daily is to control all aspects of the business while the artist that is my wife lets her creative mind run to the ends of the world and back! I thoroughly enjoy seeing our products put happiness on a daily basis into our customer’s homes with forever keepsakes. Seeing their travels and stories and learning about where life has taken people is a bonus I treasure and did not expect to happen when I took this position. I’m happier in life than I have ever been.

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