The brand experience: Why packaging matters

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Have you ever received an item you ordered and you couldn’t believe how wonderfully packaged it was? Or better yet, that it came with something extra. A little bonus gift or item that adds to the wow factor of customer service?

I have and I love it. It makes me appreciate the time and effort that went into sending me my item. Even for simple everyday things like ordering flea protection ointments for my dogs from 1-800-Pet-Meds. When I opened the package I received this week, I was delightfully surprised that they provided a large tasty milk bone treat for my dogs to share. Not only did it add to my wow factor, but Juno and Hoosier were drooling and clawing at the package before I even had a chance to realize what was going on!  Now that’s great service!

How about the time when I purchased a handmade/handcrafted felted bear from Mt. Royal Mint on Etsy and the owner sent me a surprise animal to add to my collection with a handwritten card thanking me for my business. It was so sweet and the additional animal intrigued me to look at the rest of her work and place another order.

Packaging not only serves to protect the item on it’s way to it’s new home, but also serves as a way for the business to represent who they are, the care they put into their products and provide a chance to connect on a personal level with the recipient.

With that said, this year is a special year for JW Design Studio. 3 years ago Mike and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary which spawned the birth of our business. In those 3 years we have grown and learned a lot and each year we try to better the experience we can offer to our clients. We can’t even believe that we are going to hit the 3 year mark in June 2016 and checking out stats, we are also in line to hit 10,000 sales by that time! It’s seriously amazing.

So to add to the brand box opening experience for our customers, the mass majority of our items are now going to be shipped with a little extra loving touch. The power of chocolate and branded M&M’s in a “Together Forever” Anniversary package. We hope you enjoy!

*Please note, that while we would love to send chocolate out with each and every order we receive, some of our current packaging is not large enough or suitable to support the addition of the M&Ms individually wrapped packs. Our priority first and foremost to protect your purchase, so we do apologize, however small items such as key chains and jewelry as well as any order that is shipping in a FLAT mailer (artwork that is NOT being matted or framed by us) will not receive the M&Ms.

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