7 Spring date ideas

Get out your spring clothes (yes, stop wearing sweatpants and hoodies all day) and start breathing in some fresh air with your special somebody! These 7 spring date ideas will get you outside and bonding over love and laughter and warming up your winter time blues in no time at all.

1. Watch the sunrise together
No matter where you are on this planet, the sunrise is beautiful and romantic. Get up early, grab some coffee to go and hit your local park, beach or mountain side to take it in together. If you are lucky enough to have a great view from home, make it extra special with some homemade breakfast goodies and an impromptu picnic on the porch.

2. Host a classic cookout
You can invite friends or make it uber romantic and just make dinner for two. Set the mood by stringing up some patio lights, lighting candles and playing your favorite music. Be sure to playfully prepare and cook the meal together. Afterwards, if your location allows, have a small bonfire and roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Your honey will be happy to have sweet kisses all night long.

Here is something that will blow your mind if you’re a bacon lover! Put a twist on the classic s’more by adding bacon. Yes, I said add bacon. You can do it the easy way and get the pre-cooked stuff, but if you have the time, I recommend the following: Coat some strips of bacon with brown sugar, place on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet, and bake in a 375 – 400°F oven for about 15-25 minutes, until the bacon is crispy.  Transfer to some paper towels to cool, and you have candied bacon. A perfect addition to the already super sweet madness that is a s’more.

3. Spend the day, night or weekend at your local National Park.
With 58 National Parks in the United States alone and I am sure 1000s worldwide, we have one beautiful planet to explore. A National Park can offer many date ideas from romantic to adventurous. Here are some ideas: Take a day hike together, plan a camping trip for just the two of you, or for the super adventures, go or learn how to mountain climb! For those couples looking to hit all 58 parks in their lifetime, here is a great United States Push Pin Map to help you track your adventures!

4. Have lunch at a restaurant that has an outdoor deck with a view
So this one may be a bit hard to come by depending on where you live, but even if you just get a great view of your city, you’ll be in for some refreshing romance and a chance to bond over great food and laughter. My favorite spot in Pittsburgh is a quaint little restaurant on the river called Redfin Blues. It makes you feel like you’re on vacation right at home.

5. Go biking together
This is a fantastic idea to get some adrenaline pumping while exploring a new park or trail together. Afterwards spend some time cooling off together in a pool, or grabbing a bite to eat along the trail. Bonus points: Pack a small lunch and have a picnic in the wilderness!

6. Go to a baseball game.
Nothing screams springtime more than a baseball game! Guys and gals alike will enjoy the thrill of the day, the excitement and time spent together. Get a hotdog and a cold beverage and cheer on your favorite team!

7. Check out your local festivals, carnivals and free concerts
It may be too early in some locations, but the warmer the weather gets the more options you will have for outdoor festivals and carnivals. Also check out your local art scene, here in Pittsburgh we have free outdoor concerts held at local parks from Spring through Summer. You’re location may offer some great opportunities to listen to jazz, classical or steel bands while laying on a blanket in the park together! You can’t get more romantic than that. And if your honey is really into music, you may want to think about getting them one of these laser engraved leather sheet music gifts as a way to remember the first song you ever danced to, your favorite song, your wedding song and more! (HINT: Leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift and the modern 9th anniversary gift).

Share with us below in the comments section if you tried any of these ideas out or have some more ideas to share.

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