2nd anniversary gift ideas

Content updated 7.18.17

I love the 2nd anniversary gift selection. Okay, I might be a bit biased, but the 2nd and 3rd years are my sweet spot of creative happiness. The very first map I ever designed was for my husband as a gift on our 2nd anniversary. I designed a map of Turks and Caicos and printed it on cotton fabric. From that singular moment, our business was born. You can read the full story here.

Here are 5 cotton anniversary gift ideas

1. Cotton anniversary map of the place you met, fell in love, married / honeymooned or bought your first home:

I had to start with our cotton gift idea because I just couldn’t help myself. However, in all seriousness, love is often attributed to a special place and having a custom cotton map designed of your special place is something you can both cherish for the rest of your lives and have a conversation piece in your home.

2. Cotton Push pin world map

Our cotton push pin world maps make a great gift for your husband or wife to start a family travels map. You can track where you’ve been together and plan upcoming trips for a lifetime. In many colors and styles, there is an option to match your home decor.

3. Couples Robes

Not just every day robes, but super luxe personalized robes with your initials or Mr/Mrs embroidered on them. Make the gift even more adorable by engraving pet names instead.

4. Cotton Game Sheets

Nothing better than a good bedroom game to keep the spark alive. This one is not only fun, but creates activities you can do together for years to come. Check out how to DIY or buy some here.

5. A personalized throw

Swell Forever creates amazing throws with a sophisticated touch. The personalized tags are a minimal, but lovely way to personalize your gift. Leave a private message or confess your love for your sweetheart to wrap themselves up in.

Bonus idea!
Cotton comes in so many options, styles and looks. 
Visit your local fabric store and purchase a small swatch of your favorite material. 
Write a love letter or message on it.
Then stuff it in a small glass/cork bottle.

Other tidbits and thoughts:
The 2nd anniversary colors are red or natural cotton/linen or white

Share with us some of your ideas for 2nd anniversary gifts in the comments section below


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