Third Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated 7.18.17

Are you celebrating your 3rd anniversary soon? Leather represents durability and protection and the growth and strength a marriage has experienced in the first 3 years as a married couple. We have written a post in more detail on why leather is the 3rd anniversary gift and you can read it here if you like.

Leather gifts are by far my most favorite to work with. The options are really limitless for perfect 3rd anniversary gift for your husband or wife or as a gift for friends and family celebrating. Just like with paper or cotton, you can have anything engraved onto a piece of leather! We like to design custom leather art and frame it to be used as a display keepsake

Personalized handcrafted items show a deeper connection between yourself and the person you are giving the item to. It lets them know you wanted something special for them and had a one of a kind item created just for them!

Some of our favorite ideas for celebrating your leather anniversary:

1. Personalized leather tray.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’ll soon find that I am obsessed with personalized items. These leather trays make great leather gifts for guys. They can be used to hold his wedding ring, wallet and accessories or keys.

2. Engraved leather photo from your wedding day

Anything can be engraved on leather. While the quality is not the result of a picture perfect photo, it’s not meant to be. Having a special moment engraved on leather to hang proudly in your home is a unique piece of art that will be a conversation piece for years to come. Get a wedding day leather photo or one of your favorites engraved! Check out this beautiful example of a leather photo we have done in the past:

3. Engraved wedding certificate, invitation or first dance on leather

All three of these options are fantastic ideas to give your spouse a meaningful and personalized 3rd anniversary gift (or 9th anniversary if you’re following the modern gift giving guide). They represent where you began your marriage proudly and beautifully and can match any home decor. Check out these options for a wedding certificate and wedding invitation.

In addition, your wedding song or first dance is often a very special song to both of you. You can have personalized leather sheet music or the lyrics engraved on leather as a way to always remember that song and moment you shared together.


4. A leather keepsake map of the place you met, fell in love, married, honeymooned or bought your first home!

Leather maps are one of the more unique things you can get your spouse. We will design ANY location in the world, no matter where it is. We have done everything from Antarctica to Fiji and every state, country and island in between…. Not only are they incredibly personal because you can customize every last detail on them, but they look amazing as part of your home decor and will last a life time. Think of the amazing conversations you will have with guests that see your amazing leather map:

5. Personalized leather passport holders, leather journals, leather key chains and more.

Leather is so versatile and we are adding new gift items all of the time. Some of our favorites are personalized passport holders or leather journal covers which you can engrave with anything from a world map silhouette to your wedding vows. Our smallest item is our leather key chains which are a great way to put a small personal message that your love can carry around with them daily.

6. GPS Coordinate art on leather

Have the GPS coordinates laser engraved on leather for where you got engaged, married, bought your first home and more!


Bonus idea!
Make your own wallet card! Get a small piece of leather and trace a credit card shape on to it. Cut it out (feel free to use square corners). And use a black Sharpie marker to write a love note to your honey on it. The marker won’t rub off and will last a very long time as long as it doesn’t get wet!

Other tidbits and thoughts:
The 3rd anniversary colors are white or jade green. Wrap your gift in white wrapping paper with a green bow, or vice versa.

Share with us some of your ideas for 3rd anniversary gifts in the comments section below.



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