12 Fall Date Ideas for Married Couples

You know that “date your spouse” thing you may often hear? Don’t just blow it off, actually do it!

It’s key to a long and happy marriage and the best way to reconnect whether you do it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. So, be sure to set special one-on-one time aside for each other and you’ll guarantee yourself years of anniversaries to celebrate. Speaking of that, if you need an upcoming anniversary gift… head on over to our shop!

So what is our favorite fall date go to?< It’s so simple anyone can do it. We walk together. In fact, I’m not sure if I can say it’s a date idea for us because we do it so often. But it does become extra special if we do it during a time we don’t ‘normally' walk together. ie. instead of the morning, we go in the evening. Or instead of our local daily walk in the park, we could go for a hike in a location further away from home, such as McConnell’s Mill or the Laurel Caverns in Western Pennsylvania. Why do we love a good walk together?

Because it gives us that special one-on-one time we need away from “real” life. We get away from the business, we get away from our house (we live and work there). We get away from anything that is stressing us out and we breathe in fresh air and just talk. Some times we talk about work, other times we day dream about the future or upcoming vacation plans…. and we often people watch, which makes us giggle.

Jess’ favorite part about walking with Mike:

We’re super silly and complete weirdos. We have quirky things we do, say and joke about. The best part of our marriage is the humor and ability to just full belly laugh together.

Mike’s favorite part about walking with Jess:

In the early morning I never know what is going to come out of Jess’ mouth. Whether it’s jumbled words, a humorous comment or something unrecognizable. Plus, we get to vent about everything going on in our lives with no one to hear us. =)

Here are our top 12 fall date ideas you could start doing this week!

Also, check out our fall date idea Pinterest board for some more ideas and visuals to get you started.

  1. Get crafty together
    Carve pumpkins and decorate your home for autumn and/or Halloween
  2. Haunted houses/ hay rides
    The perfect opportunity to get close and keep each other safe!
  3. Watch a scary movie, on your laptop, parked in the woods
    Make the movie really creepy and bundle up together with a ton of blankets and a small campfire.
  4. Camp fires, pizza mountain pies and s’mores
    No more to say about this, grab the hot chocolate too!
  5. Football games
    Hometown professional, college or even high school games to get your cheer and drink on!
  6. Hot air balloon ride
    This may need to be booked in advance depending on your location, but could you imagine the fall foliage views!
  7. Night walks in the park
    When the lights are on and the crowds die down, the romance builds.
  8. Halloween night at your local amusement park
    Get dressed up and have a blast riding roller-coasters together!
  9. Visit the zoo
    The animals are most active when it’s a bit chilly.
  10. Evening and night kayaking
    For the best views of the city lights or utter romance on a quiet lake
  11. Bike rides
    Explore your local city or town or head out to explore within an hour or two drive
  12. Make fall breakfast together
    Chocolate pumpkin pancakes anyone?
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