‘Tis the season to get engaged!

The majority of engagements happen between November and February, officially making the winter months in the United States known as engagement season. Maybe the cold weather makes us want to snuggle up and nest with our loves. Or perhaps it’s the holiday and family cheer of being together. Sitting by a warm romantic fire….

Whatever it is, it’s a magical time of year and whether you got (or are going to be) engaged this year, or have already said “I Do”, we have the perfect gift to commemorate that major milestone in your life.

Our leather engraved personalized art with the GPS coordinates of where it all happened is not only a great way to remember the day and place, but also a unique conversation starter for your home.

Don’t want it on leather?

We also engrave on wood, marble, glass and laser-mark metal. In addition, we can create a custom print on paper or cotton canvas for you. The options really are endless, so get in contact with us if you would like to customize your request on a different material of your choice.

We’d love to know how and when you got engaged or if you’re expecting a possible engagement this winter??!! Please share your stories below!

Wondering how we got engaged? Check out this post.


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