Personalized holiday gifts support charity

Our annual fundraiser drive takes place from November 1st – December 31st each year. During this time frame, we work to meet our goals of giving back 1% of our annual profits to local and international organizations.

Dogs and other pets have a tendency to bring us together. No matter what our differences are, the kindness of a dog accepts and loves without opposition. For that reason, we are striving to meet a goal of raising $1000 for Animal Friends in Pittsburgh PA, USA this holiday season in hopes to bring people together toward a common goal of love and support.

Each order we receive, we will donate $1 to the general care and well being of sheltered and homeless pets at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh PA.

We hope that you can help us achieve this goal! All you have to do is purchase a gift from either our Etsy shop or our personal website.

With the holidays fast approaching, we offer many options for unique gifts in a variety of price ranges. Everything we offer is available personalized so you can create a one of a kind gift while knowing you’re helping to do good.

Please join us by browsing our shop for the best holiday gift you’ll ever give!

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