planning the perfect anniversary

Planning the perfect anniversary celebration

Make this years anniversary celebration of your marriage profound and special! Keep in mind that this day is a remembrance of your vows and the special bond you have been building since you said I do.

Some ideas and tips to get started on planning and executing the perfect anniversary:

  • Plan your special day around the theme of your anniversary year. 
    ie. Paper, cotton, leather, fruit/flowers, wood and more. What are the anniversary themes and materials? See traditional anniversary gifts by year.
  • Pick the perfect place for your celebration.
    This can be alone together at home, a getaway or vacation near or far, or even an adventure to experience for the first time together.
    Think about what you both need most. Getting alone time at home may not be an option due to work or family. So heading out for a weekend or even a full week, may be warranted. If you don’t have that kind of time, even a night in a luxury hotel in your home town can do the trick!
    If you’re the adventurous type, hire a a personal hot air balloon ride, or jump out of a plane together. The excitement you’ll share together will bond you for a lifetime.
  • Plan the day, and set an itinerary if you must.
    But be flexible and aware that staying under the sheets may be all you both want to do.
  • Use your time together to connect.
    Reflect on your past and dream about the future. Plan your lives and get excited about what lies ahead for you both. Couples that plan together, stay together.

Remember your anniversary is special for both of you and the anticipation of the day is often built up. Especially if you are both busy with careers or children and this alone time together is really important. So whatever you chose to do, remember to be kind and positive. Enjoy each moment and if anything negative happens, agree to talk about it the day after. Don’t let it spoil your day.

Don’t forget the perfect way to end your celebration is with custom designed map of your life together. A map makes special anniversary gift for any year. Maps symbolize the importance of place. Where you met, married, honeymooned, lived, journeyed across the world together and more. What better way to commemorate your combined lives and showcase how far you have come together?

For examples, please visit our map gallery here or head on over to our shop to get started on your custom and personalized anniversary gift now.


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