push pin world map

The journey of a push pin world map

From our hands to yours….

We ship world wide and need to ensure that our large push pin travel maps arrive safely no matter where they are going. These heavy duty cardboard reinforced tubes have traveled near and far and help us deliver our personalized maps to loving couples all over the world. As far a way as New Zealand and as remote as São Miguel.

The journey of a push pin travel map happens in 9 steps:

  1. An order for a push pin map is received.
  2. We review the information and the personalized design is created with your special details
  3. The map is printed on our professional quality Canon large format printers.
  4. We then inspect the map for proper printing and quality and let air dry
  5. The large push pin map will then be rolled and placed in a protective cellophane sleeve
  6. Map pins and instructions for DIY framing are added to the package and the map gets placed in the heavy duty card board tube
  7. The shipping label is purchased, printed and adhered to the tube. If shipping internationally, custom forms are filled out
  8. We then hand deliver the tube holding the personalized travel map to our local post office in Pittsburgh, PA
  9. The map then takes its final journey to it’s new home where it will be proudly hung on a wall for lifelong enjoyment!

So what are you waiting for? Start the journey of a travel map to your home by visiting our push pin map shop and planning your next adventure! Let the pinning begin!


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