Why is leather the 3rd anniversary gift

Why is leather the 3rd anniversary gift?

Celebrating an anniversary is a fun and momentous event. An anniversary is a time to show your appreciation for the past, but also a desire to continue on together in the future. A 3rd anniversary is special because you’ve likely weathered both good and bad times together and this is a time to show how your love is durable through it all. So let’s dive in a bit more….

Why is leather the 3rd anniversary gift?

Leather traditionally represents the 3rd wedding anniversary because it’s a flexible and durable organic material. One that is used to protect, keep warm, safe and secure.

What is a good leather anniversary gift?

Real leather artwork that showcases your personal love story is a gift that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime together. Leather is strong and durable and represents the journey you have taken thus far. And will continue to change as you grow together through the years. Consider a custom leather Our Journey keepsake map by JW Design Studio Gifts.

What does the leather anniversary represent?

Leather is traditionally the 3rd wedding anniversary gift because leather represents durability and flexibility. At 3 years of marriage, couples are typically still in the learning phase of marriage. As couple’s we’re getting used to each others quirks and idiosyncrasies. And more importantly, we’re learning how to cope with big and small issues as a team instead of individually.

So you want to give the best leather anniversary gift this year?

We feel that designing a custom gift on leather is as special as the couple’s love journey together. The engraved design is a permanent etching into the leather, which adds a symbolic notion of permanence to the shared love. The distinctive characteristics of the organic leather makes for a one of a kind personal gift.

We have several leather gift options to explore with some of our favorite gifts that we design and craft on leather below:

Still at a loss for ideas? The symbolic meaning of the leather anniversary gift, can be engraved as a beautiful piece of art as seen below:

“Leather is durable, warm, strong, flexible, and has a sense of resiliency to it. Leather is a perfect reminder of how we have to stay flexible in order to sustain a strong marriage. As we go through changes, there are times we will have to be flexible and make compromises. Leather, just like a marriage, continually transforms over the years; it may grow softer, darker, or develop nicks and scars. These changes are what give it the character and beauty that I see in you every day”.


Post updated September 13, 2022

leather anniversary gift on leather

Leather Photos are a beautiful and sentimental gift for the guy or gal in your life.

If you want to place an order for a unique leather gift for him or a leather anniversary gift for her, please visit the leather section of our shop, we’d love to design something custom just for you! Scroll down to see some past work we’ve done and leave a comment on your thoughts!

A custom leather map makes a great gift that you will cherish for a lifetime. Leather maps are completely made to order just for you. They can be of your journey together, where you fell in love, married, honeymooned, etc.


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