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DIY: Mount and frame your push pin map with double sided adhesive

Mounting and framing a push pin world map with double sided adhesive

You may be wondering, how do you use pins on a paper or cotton map print and what is the best framing option?

You’ve come to the right place, it’s really easy and below you will find a step by step instruction as well as a downloadable and printable image for your reference. — NOTE: this is just one method to use. We also recommend using spray adhesive and you can find that method and video here.

The quickest and easiest method to adhere your map to the foam core is with double-sided tape. We actually like double sided carpet tape for it’s strength in use with canvas, but you can use whatever you like, just don’t use the thick foam tape, you’ll see it through the map and it doesn’t allow for flat laying against the board. Here is a great option for Double Sided Tape

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Scroll to bottom to watch the 2 minute video on how to mount and frame your push pin world map using double sided adhesive

How to frame a push pin world map with double sided adhesive

  1. Gather your supplies

    • A push pin map print
    (you can buy a personalized push pin world map from us or get one of our pre-printed discounted general world maps )

    24 x 36 inch frame PRO TIP! Get 10% off this frame and it includes your foam core! No need to track that down.
    INSIDER SECRET: when you get to the step choosing your cover, on your keyboard hit the keys COMMAND + H. Your screen will minimize (briefly causing panic 😊). Click to bring it back open and you’ll see that you can select “NO COVER”. This is what you want for pinning and you’ll save money AND not have to toss out the acrylic cover, which is wasteful. Win-win!

    24×36 3/16″ White Foam Core Backing — Not buying the frame above? Grab your foam core here or at your local crafts store.

    • adhesive of your choice (double-sided tape)
    NOTE: We recently changed our position on using spray adhesive as long as a heavy duty adhesive is used such as the Gorilla Spray Adhesive. Please be sure to have someone help you in this process. WE HAVE A NEW VIDEO AND BLOG POST HERE TO SEE THE SPRAY ADHESIVE METHOD HERE.

  2. Lay out your map and allow to flatten

    Using a paper weight or some other heavy object will assist with this process. It may take a few hours if you just removed it from the shipping tube.

  3. Place the double sided tape adhesive along the top and bottom of the foam core

    You don’t need to be right on the edge of the foam core. We place it about 1/2 inch in from the edgehow to mount a map on foam core

  4. Using weights to ensure accuracy, lay the map evenly on the foam core

    check that the edges are the same all the way around.our world travels map

  5. Adhere the map to the foam core starting with the top

    Peel paper strip from tape and smooth top of map to the boardmounting a map on foam core

  6. Repeat for the bottom of the map: peel paper strip and adhere to bottom of map

    NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT. Pull both bottom corners taut to ensure your map does not bubble. mounting a world map on foam core

  7. Place your map that is mounted on the foam core into your frame of choice

    Now your map is ready to be placed in a frame with NO GLASS and hung! You may begin pinning without fear of ruining your walls!Push pin map mounted on foam core

Additional info:

  • The above is a method that we recommend, however you can get as creative as you like!
  • We now suggest using Gorilla Spray Adhesive and have a new video and how to on how to do that here.
  • Feel free to ask us any questions you have

View or download and print the how to frame a push pin map infographic below:

how to mount and frame your push pin map

Watch the 2 minute video on how to mount your map to foam core using double sided adhesive below:

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