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New Years Resolutions: Refresh your life with small goals

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We all have those things we want to quit, start doing or get better at. But if you’re anything like me, you dislike the idea of “New Years Resolutions”. Perhaps you made some in the past and didn’t live up to them. Perhaps that’s an on going yearly failed event…. (Sarcastically speaking: I should have been alcohol free, sugar free, and an Olympic level cyclist for 4 years in a row now!)

The expectations we set for ourselves are often very unrealistic.

I say forget the annual resolutions altogether!

What makes you happy is what you should be putting your focus on. And that focus should be something you work on every day of your life. Those that are successful at reaching their goals have a daily plan. They know what they want to achieve each day and how it ultimately will connect to their longer term goals and dreams.

I think a lot of the problem with low resolution success rates is the all or nothing approach. We get this idea of what our lives should be like and then we want it right then and there. We set tremendous life changing goals. But we want to skip all of the hard work and just see results.

Being type-A and a perfectionist, I am known for being all or nothing and going completely nuts with negative self talk if I am at an in-between stage that doesn’t meet my criteria for success. Ultimately making me either go to extreme limits and burn out or just quit altogether. Sound familiar at all?

No matter what our resolutions, goals, or life plans are, I personally think we need to ditch the need it now / all or nothing stance and get practical.

The likelihood of success will be far greater by setting smaller goals and rewarding yourself along the way. A lot like leveling up in a video game. The idea of baby steps is not a new one, but a tried and true one. (oh, now I’m rhyming)

How do you intend to refresh your life in 2018?

My goals in no particular order:

  1. Get more fit & make better health choices (including being alcohol free, lol)
  2. Give more. Volunteer often.
  3. Be happy. Love hard.
  4. Make more and new friends — Do you want to be my friend? Find me on Instagram and Facebook!

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