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The 59 US National Parks

59 US national parks

Have you thought about traveling to all 59 US National Parks? It’s actually on our “retirement” bucket list. You know, things to do once we’re old and more gray. (I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty gray at 34 already!). But on a serious note, traveling the United States is big on our wish list. So why not start checking off parks now?

During some recent travel research, I came across this amazing travel couple Matthew and Renee Hahnel. They actually received full sponsorship to travel to all 59 National Parks by the company Evolve who had them blog & Instagram about every stop along their way. You can learn more about them here in an article on Today about tips to visit all 59 parks or follow the blog at Drink Evolve. *Note: We are not affiliated with Matthew & Renee Hahnel or the company Evolve. We just really love the story and photos they took.

Personally, I am not sure if I could be on the road that long. I am down for a month long trip, but half a year or longer is not something I think I could do at this point in my life. I would miss my dogs & cozy home. I would crave the desire to work. I would essentially be home sick. As someone that loves travel, it’s hard to admit that. But it doesn’t mean we can’t tackle the dream one park at a time. Amiright?

Below is a list of all 59 US National Parks in alphabetical order to help you get started on your planning — whether you anticipate hitting all 59 in a row or just a few at a time. With most of them on the West Coast of the states, it should be easy to check off the East Coast early on. Especially if you live near some.

And while you’re at it, check out our National Parks Push Pin Travel Map. This push pin map includes the full list of all 59 US National Parks and numbered trees that correspond with them so you can easily track your travels in style. We recommend the green pins to match the trees. This US adventure map is available as a personalized travel map for a special touch or in a non-personalized budget friendly map option.

Happy travel planning!

A list of the 59 US National Parks in alphabetical order:

1. Acadia
2. American Samoa
3. Arches
4. Badlands
5. Big Bend
6. Biscayne
7. Black Canyon of the Gunnison
8. Bryce Canyon
9. Canyonlands
10. Capitol Reef
11. Carlsbad Caverns
12. Channel Islands
13. Congaree
14. Crater Lake
15. Cuyahoga Valley
16. Death Valley
17. Denali
18. Dry Tortugas
19. Everglades
20. Gates of the Arctic
21. Glacier Bay
22. Glacier
23. Grand Canyon
24. Grand Teton
25. Great Basin
26. Great Sand Dunes
27. Great Smoky Mountains
28. Guadalupe Mountains
29. Haleakala
30. Hawaii Volcanoes
31. Hot Springs
32. Isle Royale
33. Joshua Tree
34. Katmai
35. Kenai Fjords
36. Kings Canyon
37. Kobuk Valley
38. Lake Clark
39. Lassen Volcanic
40. Mammoth Cave
41. Mesa Verde
42. Mount Rainier
43. North Cascades
44. Olympic
45. Petrified Forest
46. Pinnacles
47. Redwood
48. Rocky Mountain
49. Saguaro
50. Sequoia
51. Shenandoah
52. Theodore Roosevelt
53. Virgin Islands
54. Voyageurs
55. Wind Cave
56. Wrangell – St. Elias
57. Yellowstone
58. Yosemite
59. Zion

Comment below on your travel plans. We’d love to hear where you’re going next.