Anniversary gifts designed and handmade with love

Anniversary Gifts – Designed and Handmade with love

From our love story to yours. Our business started when Mike and I were celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. I designed a map of the location we married (Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa) and printed it on cotton material to give as my cotton anniversary gift. Before even giving him the gift, I had an order from someone wanting one of Mexico. Read the full story here.

Since then, we’ve developed into a small business focused on celebrating love. We’re approaching 5 years at the time of this blog post and we wanted to share with you this video about us and how we craft and design your gifts from our 2 person shop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.

Video Transcript:

I’m Jessica, the designer of Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio, a personalized and handcrafted gifts shop.

Joined by my husband, Mike, we help couples celebrate their love and life by designing and crafting gifts for anniversaries and special milestones using paper, cotton, linen, leather and wood.

Traditionally, wedding anniversaries are celebrated with a specific material each holding a symbolic meaning.

Our anniversary gifts typically represent the 1st 5 years of marriage, however they are great mementos for any milestone, event or wedding.

Paper, the first anniversary, is a new beginning, a blank canvas ready to create new memories.
Cotton, the second anniversary, symbolizes the ability to adapt to changes as the couple becomes more intertwined.
Leather, the 3rd anniversary, represents protection and care, enduring strength & resiliency.
Linen, the 4th anniversary, is a symbol of honesty, connection & love
Wood, the 5th anniversary, represents wisdom, growth, strength and stability.

I have been a creative artist my entire life, with a formal education in Art & Graphic Design. Our small business was born from the celebration of our second anniversary when I designed a map of the location Mike and I married and printed it on cotton material. Soon after placing a photo online, I realized how many couples I could help to celebrate their own love stories.

We now design and craft gifts for couples all over the world

Our small business has grown from being located in the basement of our home to acquiring the space we need in order to best serve our customers.

We are inspired by travel and have found that many of our customers are travelers as well:, exploring the world for careers, leisure or serving in the military, oftentimes separating them from their families.

Because we ship worldwide, we are able to help couples celebrate their marriage no matter if they are near or far, together or apart.

Working with us is one-on-one experience in which you will interact directly with myself or Mike.
100% satisfaction is our top priority from the receipt of your order to the delivery of your gift.

We love knowing that we’re helping to bring couples closer together and are inspired by the stories they share with us.

Please visit our online shops at and on Etsy for gift ideas and to read 1500+ 5 star reviews.


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