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WPX Hosting: Best WordPress Hosting Service for Small Business!

WPX Hosting is hands down the best hosting provider for WordPress websites and online businesses. As a small business owner and operator of a personalized and handmade gifts shop my focus is on anniversaries, weddings and travel. With the WPX Hosting service I have been able to build my business efficiently and create a safe and secure website for my customers.

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Hi, my name is Jessica Wilkeson and I own and operate a a personalized and handcrafted gifts shop focused on anniversaries, weddings and travel. My website is located at www.jessicawilkeson.com

As a small creative business owner, I work in and on my business in every way. I do not have a web developer or someone that can assist me with website work. So when it came to choosing the best website host, I am glad I came across WPX hosting (this was back when they were Traffic Planet).

As my website is built with word press, I was originally with an “unnamed” but popular competitor and I would find that my website would go down for hours, sometimes days. Because I was a small client, it seemed it wasn’t a big deal to get it back up and running. The customer service with this other company was awful. Plus my website just ran really slow.

Fortunately for me, I came across a website review saying how great WPX Hosting was. That they had amazing speed and fantastic customer support. I was hesitant because it was a bit more expensive than what I was paying, but I felt like I had nothing to lose to give them a try.

In short, I was blown away from the very beginning. The customer support is hands down the best I have seen in any company, any where, world wide. I mean, who is going to get back to you in minutes? And if they don’t have an answer right that second, they are on it and fixing it right away.

I wish I had actual numbers, but I know my website speed has cut in half, which is great for my clients.
The included free SSL encryption has saved my life. Like seriously. SAVED MY LIFE. With the previous hosting provider I was using, I had to pay for an SSL as an extra service and it never worked. It worked on some pages, it didn’t work on all of the pages. The green lock wouldn’t show where it was supposed to and it made my site look nonsecure.

With WPX, that is not an issue. They automatically update it yearly. It’s set up correctly and I have never once had a security issue.

Another awesome feature is how easy it is to set up a staging site. Again, I’m an artist, not a web developer. I only have reading knowledge of website development on a case by case situation. So previously when doing updates to plugins, my website would break, things would go wrong and my life would become stressful. Not with WPX! I can easily set up a staging site, run the plugin updates there to ensure a smooth transition and then go live with it on the main site. It’s also a really great feature for making big changes to your website and not wanting to have “maintenance” down pages. LOVE IT.

I highly recommend WPX. As a graphic artist, business owner, anniversary gifts designer and travel map maker. They make my life easier. You can’t go wrong with a conversion to them. 

It also helps that they are dog lovers. Because I’m also a dog person and donate $1 from every sale to the support and well being to animals in need and I love that my hosting company gives back to their community in such a big way.


*Note. I love WPX Hosting. I have been with them for years. But I am also an affiliate. If you click on a link in this blog post and purchase hosting, I will be compensated. But trust me, it’s worth it!

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