Rustic wedding decor ideas

Rustic Wedding Decor: Cake toppers, wood confetti and custom wood favors

Wedding cake toppers can make a statement about your love, your life and who you are. As a map obsessed graphic designer, a favorite cake topper of mine is the state cake topper to show off your home town pride. This Texas cake topper is a great example of how a simple design can add to the rustic chic look of your wedding cake. Doesn’t the naked cake look amazing? Available in any state or country shape, you can order your special day cake topper at our wedding and anniversary shop Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio here.

Add to the rustic feel of your wedding with some wood heart table confetti. They look great mixed with standard confetti of any color. Your wedding design can be unique to you and you know your guests will take some of these home as a memento of the big day. You can order the wood table confetti in packs of 50 for $5 each! The link will take you to our Etsy shop JWDesignStudio that is all things wedding and anniversaries.

You can’t celebrate your wedding without giving a great AND usable wedding favor! We love when we go to weddings and get to bring something home that we’ll use. Or at least use during the wedding day, amiright?

These custom wood pins can be designed in any shape and style. We love the cute state cut out pins to represent where your love began. However, we can write things like “yay!” or “team bride” and “team groom” for a little reception fun and to help your guests mingle and dance the night away.

As a custom order, please contact us directly for a quote by providing what you would like your wedding favor buttons and pins to look like and how many you need. We’ll be excited to get started on your project! Keep in mind we’ll need at least 2 weeks to craft these guys for you so plan ahead!

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