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A travel world map gift you’ll want to keep for yourself

travel map gift holiday world map

Do you have a friend that loves to travel? Or maybe you’re an adventure junkie? If so, you’ll want to check out our sale level push pin world travel map. This map is available in several color options. It also includes 100 map pins to track and plan your travels easily. Furthermore, it includes a banner that you can choose between “Our World Travels”, “My World Travels”, or “Adventure Awaits”.

Our paper world travel map is easy to mount and frame yourself. Above all, you (or your friend) will be pinning and planning adventures in no time.

Watch our closer look video for more information on our world travel map that will make the best gift you’ll ever give and want to keep for yourself.

Partial video transcription:

Hi, I’m Jess, from Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio. Where we design and craft anniversary and travel related gifts. In this episode I am going to show you a closer look at our sale level push pin world travel map. So you might be wondering…. Why is it on sale? Well, that’s because we print an overstock amount of them. Which makes them pre-printed and ready to ship. (A fantastic holiday gift for that reason!)

Now, they’re not available personalized, however, you do get to choose what you want the banner to say. It can say “Our world travels”, “My world travels”, or “Adventure Awaits”. It also comes in all of our most popular map color options to fit any home decor style. As well as including a box of 100 map pins.

To look closer at the map, see the unboxing experience and learn more, please watch the video.