4 romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary

4 Romantic ways to celebrate your anniversary

Every anniversary is worth celebrating. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and I love it when people express their love and commitment in profound ways. And no, I’m not talking about writing words in the sky or a surprise trip to Paris, but — ahem — I wouldn’t mind either. =)

In reality though, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Here are 4 anniversary ideas and gifts for you to try!

1 – Play them your wedding song, first dance, or favorite song.

There is nothing more powerful than a great love song and hearing it together will have you both recounting the memories of your wedding day (and night).

How to make it special? Stage the room and set the mood. Light candles or use string lights outdoors. Make it cozy and romantic with pillows and blankets. Wine or a fire.

Music gift idea: Add to the special night by giving them the gift of music with our leather anniversary sheet music, or custom printed sheet music made just for you.

2 – Take a long walk together

Mike and I recently noticed how much better we connect when we’re walking and talking. Walking is a great way to bond and get out in nature. Find a local park, hike the trails, or walk the beach (lucky!).

How to make it special? Bring a backpack with picnic items and wine. Plan it in time to see the sunset or get up early for the sunrise. Reminisce about your past, and plan for your future together.

3 – Spend the day putting together a photo album of your travels and life

I can guess that you’re like us and take way too many pictures. Maybe coming home from vacation with 300, 500, even 600 photos?! Who has time to go through those? They end up just living on our computers and never really getting looked at. Well not any more!

Make it easy: Plan ahead and pick your favorite 50 or so pictures from a favorite day, week, or trip and send them to be printed in advance of your anniversary. On the day of: Surprise them with the prints and a blank photo album, stickers, and colorful pens. Then spend the day putting together a creative album, laughing and reminiscing on the times you have had together.

4 – Dream of your next 50 years together

There is nothing more empowering for a couple than to know that both individuals are on the same page in terms of life desires, dreams and aspirations. Spend some time writing what you would like to see, accomplish and do in the next year, 5 years, 10 years and so on….

Make it special? Each of you write your top 10 things on a piece of paper, compare and contrast and then frame them. As you go through life you can check off the items one by one!

Travel planning and dreaming gift idea: Add to the special planning with a personalized push pin world travel map. Not only can you track your past travels, but you can plan your lives together and dream of where you want to go next. Great for any year or occasion, we’ve even designed them for 50th year anniversaries! They are available on paper and cotton, making them the perfect gift for a first or second year anniversary.

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