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How to mount and frame a push pin map with spray adhesive

how to frame a push pin map

DIY: Use spray adhesive to mount and frame a push pin world map

We provide all of our DIY push pin maps with instructions on how to DIY frame your map. There are many options to do this and we have experience with 2 options. Double sided adhesive and spray adhesive. Our favorite method is using spray adhesive, however it does require 2 people to easily adhere your map without any bubbles or mishaps.

Watch our video how to below and scroll down for written instructions.

Don’t want to use spray adhesive? We also like using the double sided tape adhesive method. You can see our blog post, how to and video here.

How to frame a push pin map with spray adhesive

  1. Gather your supplies

    • You will need a 24×36 inch map, please visit us to create your custom map…
    • You will need 24×36 inch foam core 3/16 inch thick
    • You will need adhesive of your choice. We love Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive.

  2. Spray foam core with spray adhesive

    This is the best art mounting option if two people are available for extra hands. Please be sure to spray entire foam core liberally with adhesive

  3. Adhere the map to the foam core. Start with the top two corners.

    One person holds map up in the air, while the second person aligns two of the corners of the map to the foam core. (Watch our video to see how)

  4. Slowly move from top to bottom while adhering the map

    The person holding up the map can then slowly lay down the map on to the foam core, while the other person smooths map down with hands to ensure it is adhered evenly. (Watch our video to see how)

  5. Place your map into a frame of your choice

    place your map that is now adhered to foam core in a frame of your choice (without glass)

  6. Hang your map!

    hang, pin and enjoy!

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