24 random acts of kindness

24 Random Acts of Kindness to do for your significant other

In honor of Random acts of kindness day on February 17, 2022 and random acts of kindness week from the 13th to the 19th we made this cute “couples random acts of kindness bingo” card to inspire spreading some joy and kindness to your favorite person. Winning is simply gaining the admiration and love of your person and we know they’ll want to reciprocate the kindness for all of the good deeds you do. It’s a win-win situation.

Can you get 5 in a row? 4 corners? A complete coverall! We’d love to see your journey with this.
Tag us on Instagram @jessicawilkeson as you cover the spaces!

24 random acts of kindness for your spouse or significant other

24 Random Acts of Kindness to do for your significant other:

  1. dedicate 1 hour to anything they want
  2. give them a 20 second hug
  3. give them a romantic kiss
  4. plan and go on a date
  5. make their favorite meal
  6. make a playlist and listen together
  7. give them a back rub
  8. make them breakfast in bed
  9. tell them something funny
  10. pick them up something sweet
  11. leave a love note in a random place
  12. watch their favorite movie together
  13. give them a genuine compliment
  14. wash their car
  15. just call to say ‘i love you’
  16. buy them flowers
  17. draw a heart on the bathroom mirror
  18. ask how their day was and really listen
  19. have a phone free day together
  20. schedule a romantic weekend away
  21. write them a love letter
  22. go for a walk together
  23. run an errand for them
  24. do a chore you don’t normally do
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