why is cotton the 2nd wedding anniversary gift?

Why is cotton the 2nd wedding anniversary gift?

If you’re here, we’re guessing your getting ready to celebrate 2 years of marriage! 💜 Congratulations! 💜 Two years is a really big deal! It’s usually within the first two years that you spend much of your time adjusting to living with one another. So let’s dive right in….

Why is cotton the 2nd anniversary gift?

After two years of marriage, you might be wondering why is cotton the traditional anniversary gift?
Cotton is the traditional second anniversary gift because it represents softness, transformation, intertwining and building a strong life together.
In its pure form, cotton is soft and cozy. The raw material is malleable, yet strong. Cotton can be transformed into thread or yarn that can then be woven and made into various items. Cotton as a gift, represents its ability to create warmth, comfort and long lasting strength. The fibers of cotton further represent how two people come together, intertwine and allow their lives to be transformed into one that they are building together.

What is the best cotton anniversary gift?

A unique cotton gift that lasts a lifetime and showcases your desire to celebrate how far you have come as well as where you want to go together. A cotton anniversary travel map can be used as a creative way to track and plan your lives together, indicating your desire to continue intertwining for a lifetime.
Our favorite cotton anniversary gift is our newest Do-It-Yourself watercolor travel maps on 100% cotton canvas. It is available in 3 different styles seen below.
They are personalized with your names and wedding date to create a unique piece of art that you can bond over while planning adventures and cherish for a lifetime.

Not a fan of DIY? No worries! We offer a variety of already designed and finished colors in cotton push pin maps to fit any decor and style.

Visit our push pin travel map shop to pick a cotton map that best fits your home decor and start pinning and planning your next adventure together!

Looking for a custom cotton keepsake map of a special location for your anniversary gift?

We also hand design and craft custom cotton keepsake maps of any location in the world!
We can design a custom keepsake map of where you met, married, honeymooned, took that epic adventure trip! Or all 3 or 4 of your favorite locations on one!

*fun side note about the owners = The whole reason we started our business in 2013 was while celebrating OUR 2nd wedding anniversary! Jess designed and made a cotton keepsake map of the place we married in Turks and Caicos!

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