unboxing your push pin map by JW Design Studio Gifts

Unboxing your push pin travel map by JW Design Studio Gifts

Yay! Your push pin map has just arrived! How exciting! Let’s open it right up!

  • After opening the thick mailer tube that protected your map during it’s travels, you will be immediately greeted by the map pins. The map pins will be the color you selected at time of order. These pins come in a variety of vibrant colors, perfect for marking locations and making a stunning visual display of your travels to complement your home decor and style.
  • Inside the bag with the map pins you will find the easy, do-it-yourself instructions for framing your new travel map. Keep those nearby and watch our how-to videos for visual instructions on framing your push pin travel map
  • As you pull out your map, you may notice some insert cards and extras. If you don’t see them, please look inside the mailer tube to pull them out.
    As of 2023, our current inserts are as follows: a book mark to use with your travels, a note card saying how you just won at giving the best gift and asking you to share photos and tag us with @jwdesignstudiogifts , and a note paper prompt to give with your gift. Please understand that we change our inserts periodically, so these may vary based on what you see in the demo video and described above.
  • Your map is protected with a heavy weight poly sleeve to keep it from getting wet during it’s travels. This will need removed to open your map.
  • Depending on your choice of material when purchasing, your map of the world is made of either thick, matte paper or 100% cotton canvas fabric. The demo is showcasing our popular one hundred percent cotton option. (The perfect choice for a 2nd wedding anniversary!)
  • Your cotton map will unroll by itself. If it’s the paper option, it may need some paper weights to hold it down for an hour or so before framing. This will help lay it flat.

Now that you unpacked your map and got to see how amazing it looks, I am sure you can’t wait to get it framed and hanging on the wall!

For next steps: Check out our how to videos and blog post to DIY frame your push pin travel map

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