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Thank you so much for your interest in our work. We work with customers and clients world-wide and would be grateful to create a bespoke piece of art just for you.

The quick and easy info: to meet the new EU VAT importing regulation requirements, if you are located in the European Union: Please shop our Etsy store at This will include the VAT taxes and the new custom regulations information at time of purchase — effective July 1, 2021.

Additional info for those that like the details:

Effective July 1, 2021, the European Union made some changes to importing goods, requiring us to collect VAT taxes at time of sale.
Because we’re a small business (2 employees consisting of Mike + Jess Wilkeson), collecting VAT taxes and remitting them to 27 different countries is just not something our team can handle alone. As much as we would love it if you could order direct from us, we’re unable to meet those requirements as effectively as a large corporation could.

For this reason, we need to redirect you to our Etsy store where the corporate Etsy headquarters does the heavy lifting of collecting and remitting those taxes for us. Please shop our Etsy store at

Thank you so much for your understanding and we look forward to crafting for you!

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