Press: World Map, Push Pin Map Featured in Lace & Grace Blog

Map Office Inspiration

As I have mentioned before, we recently built our home and we are loving every minute of it. On a weekly basis I find myself going from room to room and day dreaming on how I want to decorate. With 4 bedrooms and no kids (yet!) one of the smaller rooms will become an office. When envisioning our home office, I see something crisp, industrial and a bit masculine.
So, when Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio on Etsy sent me one of their amazing push pin travel maps, I knew just the place to hang it.. the office! Nothing inspires me more than traveling and being able to visually see all the places we have visited.  (and all the places left to explore!) I was extremely impressed by the quality of the map; which is printed on durable canvas. The maps are completely customizable too; I added our last name and one of my favorite travel quotes. They also come in a variety of color pallets and you can choose the types of labels you want on the map. For instance if you want states/provinces (etc) listed or simply the countries. I love the vintage look of them all.
The hubs made me a wooden frame with foam backing and voila! I just love this map and cannot wait to finish decorating the office. Stay tuned!
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