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Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio, LLC announces growth and milestone celebrations

June 10, 2014

Pittsburgh, PA — Locally owned and operated, Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio, LLC is a small design business that focuses on celebrating everything! June 2014 marked a month of celebrations for them as they have been in business for one year in the Pittsburgh area and are growing their team by recently adding in seasonal employee, Melissa Hubans, as a graphic designer. The business expects to hire full time within the next 6 months.

The expansion of an employee is always reason to celebrate as that indicates business is doing well. “It got to a point that I was working 12 -14 hour days, so something had to change” states President and Lead Graphic Designer, Jessica Wilkeson. After a month of making changes and implementing new procedures, the business is running more effectively as a team of two and already sees potential for further growth.

Jessica Wilkeson Design studio, LLC has plans of expanding into wholesale by year end and acquiring either a warehouse space or retail space locally within the next two years.

About Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio, LLC

Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio, LLC officially opened to the public in 2013 and is run by owners Jessica and Michael Wilkeson. The business was born when Jessica was looking for a 2nd wedding anniversary gift to give to Michael. When she realized finding the perfect cotton gift was never going to happen, she decided to design a print of the location they married (the Turks and Caicos Islands) and print it on cotton fabric. This one gift and reason to celebrate started a business that now ships to customers and happy couples world wide. The design studio is grateful for the support they receive from people all over the world and are hoping to expand locally within the next couple years.

Specializing in celebrating everything, the design studio offers customized map prints on either matte paper or 100% cotton canvas. Great for the traveler in your life or to celebrate your anniversary by commemorating the location you met, fell in love, married, honeymooned or live! The material options are great for wedding anniversaries as traditionally the 1st year is paper and the 2nd year is cotton. You can never go wrong with a customized and personal gift.

One of Jessica’s favorite prints is the itinerary map. Plot the location of a favorite road trip, European trip of a life time, or Caribbean Cruise!  Check out options and ideas at their Etsy shop: and visit their travel and tips blog at

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