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Laser engraved leather artwork for legal professionals

Gift a touch of legal wisdom with our hand-crafted artwork – Joseph Story’s ‘Advice To A Young Lawyer’ laser-engraved on premium leather. This unique piece not only congratulates success but also adds a stylish and meaningful touch to any lawyer’s office decor.

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Joseph Story’s ‘Advice To A Young Lawyer’ Laser Engraved on Leather

Elevate your gift-giving with our hand-crafted art featuring Joseph Story’s timeless poem, “Advice To A Young Lawyer,” laser engraved on high-quality leather. This thoughtful creation is more than just a congratulatory gesture; it’s a stylish addition to any lawyer’s office, celebrating their success, in a unique and meaningful way.

  1. Multiple Sizes: Choose from 8×10 and 11×14 inches to suit the recipient’s preference and office space.
  2. Optional Frame: Enhance the presentation with an optional dark brown wood frame, adding a touch of sophistication to this distinctive leather artwork.
  3. Timeless Symbolism: Beyond mere decoration, this piece embodies legal wisdom, making it a timeless and meaningful gift. It serves as a lasting symbol of accomplishment, reminding the new lawyer of their journey and achievements.

The poem reads as follows

Advice to a Young Lawyer

BE brief, be pointed; let your matter stand
Lucid in order, solid, and at hand;
Spend not your words on trifles, but condense;
Strike with the mass of thought, not drops of sense;
Press to the close with vigor, once begun, 5
And leave, (how hard the task!) leave off, when done.
Who draws a labored length of reasoning out,
Puts straws in line, for winds to whirl about;
Who drawls a tedious tale of learning o’er,
Counts but the sands on ocean’s boundless shore. 10
Victory in law is gained, as battles fought,
Not by the numbers, but the forces brought.
What boots success in skirmish or in fray,
If rout and ruin following close the day?
What worth a hundred posts maintained with skill, 15
If these all held, the foe is victor still?
He, who would win his cause, with power must frame
Points of support, and look with steady aim;
Attack the weak, defend the strong with art,
Strike but few blows, but strike them to the heart; 20
All scattered fires but end in smoke and noise,
The scorn of men, the idle play of boys.
Keep, then, this first great precept ever near,
Short be your speech, your matter strong and clear,
Earnest your manner, warm and rich your style, 25
Severe in taste, yet full of grace the while;
So may you reach the loftiest heights of fame,
And leave, when life is past, a deathless name.
— Joseph Story
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States


Leather art is 8×10 or 11×14 inches and it has an option to include a dark brown wood frame. No glass is provided to ensure the longevity of leather. If framing yourself, please refrain from using glass or opt to use a frame that has a spacer between the glass and the leather.


No need to wait for approval! What you see is exactly what you’ll get with this item


We cut pieces of leather from full hides of leather. Made in the USA and humanely sourced as a by-product of the food industry, they are natural and environmentally friendly.

Learn more about our leather on the FAQ page.

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