Custom Hand-Drawn City or Trail Map Engraved on Leather – Personalized 3rd Anniversary Gift

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Personalized City or Trail Map Engraved on Leather

Celebrate your special milestone with our Personalized City or Trail Map, an exquisite anniversary gift crafted from tanned leather and meticulously laser engraved. Whether commemorating your 3rd anniversary (traditional leather gift) or 9th (modern leather gift), our custom maps capture the essence of any city or trail with intricate detail. Each map is hand-drawn to highlight roadways or paths, ensuring a unique representation of your chosen location.

Personalize your order below to create a cherished keepsake that beautifully commemorates your journey together.

  • *Size choice

    *What location do you want engraved?

    Please provide the main focus area (city, town, trail, etc). Include an address if that is helpful in locating it.

    *Any areas of interest you want on your map? (Symbols, text, etc)

    Please provide specific areas of interest you want on your map. (ie. provide addresses, name of venue, gps coordinates, etc. (Whatever we can use to find your specific locations and plot them into a map).

    *3. Any thing else? (dates, names, text, etc).

    Let us know if you would like names, dates or any additional information on your map.

Personalized Laser Engraved City or Trail Map on Leather – Unique Leather Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your special occasion with our personalized laser engraved city or trail map on tanned leather, the perfect choice for a memorable leather anniversary gift. Traditionally, leather signifies the 3rd anniversary, and on the modern list, it’s honored at the 9th anniversary.

Key Features:

  • Laser engraved city or trail map design with detailed road and path features.
  • Customizable with symbols, text, and dates to commemorate your unique story.
  • Available in two sizes: 8×10 inches or 11×14 inches, framed for display.
  • Frames included; no glass to allow leather to air to circulate naturally over the organic leather


  1. Specify your desired location (please provide the addresses if pin pointing specific locations).
  2. Customize with symbols, text, or any specific areas of interest.
  3. Additional provide dates, names, or other personalized details as desired


All orders are put on a wait list. The standard wait time for your digital proof is up to 1.5 weeks or less. This is due to the hand drawn nature of of these designs.

Before we begin the art, we require your approval on the screenshot of Google Maps that we will be using as reference for our illustration.
Once we get started on the map design, NO CHANGES to the location can be made. Only revisions on text or symbols.

We will not engrave or ship until we get your written approval, we send digital proofs to the email provided at time of check out.


“Veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces durable, exquisite leathers recognized for their depth of color and rich patina. Simply put our leathers not only endure, but get better with age.” Wickett & Craig

Learn more about the leather on our FAQ page.

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