Custom dog ear line art holiday ornament


Pet ear line art hand drawn from your pet’s photo!

Send us your pet’s photo and provide their name and we’ll create the perfect holiday ornament for you or someone you love!

    Please provide font selection for pet's name

    *I understand I need to send a photo of my pet with the following specs:

    Please send a photo of your pet

    Photo should be front facing and focused on head/ears.

    *Include kraft gift box?

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Hand drawn dog ear line art is laser engraved on a unique holiday ornament in the shape of your choice. Pick from a paw print or star shape to feature your pet’s ear line art and personalized name!

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1. Please provide the name of pet in the personalization box.
2. Select your font from the font list.
3. Send us a photo of pet in the messages (please send a front facing photo with focus on head/ears).

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Star shape: 2.8″ wide x 2.7″ tall
Paw shape: 2.6″ wide x 2.4″ tall
Walnut wood at 3/16″ thick
Red ribbon included

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