Our engagement gift – GPS address sign of marriage proposal


GPS Coordinates of Marriage Proposal Location Engraved on Leather!

A leather engagement gift to give to the newly engaged or a leather anniversary gift to celebrate where it all began!  Coordinates point to the location of where the proposal took place!

Latitude longitude coordinates with engagement ring symbol and “our engagement” engraved on tanned leather.

NOTE: Image is a sample of past work completed. Original art is made to order.

  • Please provide the address for the GPS Coordinates:



Leather art is 8 x 10 inches and it comes framed in a dark brown wood frame.  No glass is provided as leather needs air to breathe.


This item does not have an approval process. Once we get the order request, we engrave and ship as soon as possible.


We cut 8×10 pieces of leather from full hides. They are tanned using the old artisan method of slow tanning with natural vegetable extracts. This gives the leather a rich and warm appearance that will age nicely and will provide a pleasing vintage appearance over time.

We use the best A & B grade quality leather available from Hermann Oak suppliers in the United States. However, please keep in mind that leather is an organic material. What happens to the hide in life will be visible on the hides we use. Because we use A & B grades, the visible characteristics are minimized, however you may see color variations and natural differences in the leather such as bug bites, scratches, scars, specs, divots, processing marks, stretches and more. This cannot be prevented and are not considered valid points for complaint in the final product. We feel the natural characteristics in the leather are what makes it a beautiful, natural & unique gift.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 1 in