Engraved recipe card keepsake gift for mom 4 x 6 inch

Engraved recipe card keepsake gift for mom 4 x 6 inch


Engraved recipe keepsake art

Leather home decor is so in! Get on the trend and display any hand written note or recipe as art in your kitchen decor. A great gift for mom or on mother’s day. However these make great gifts for any time of year.

  • Please ensure you are able to send a flat scan of the recipe for best results.

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Recipe card keepsake gift or handwritten note. You can turn any recipe or handwritten note into beautiful leather art for your home decor.

Check out this engraved leather recipe and more in the wild on our Instagram account @jessicawilkeson

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1. Place an order and send us the photo via email to: jess@jessicawilkeson.com

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Set your scanner to the 300 dpi resolution possible or on some scanners “high” resolution.

VERY IMPORTANT: recipes need to be flat scans. Photos do not work well and will not produce good results. Please ensure to flat scan your recipe.

NOTE: Your engraving will look just like your scan without color. Keep in in mind any aging or wrinkles will engrave as well– we can remove some flaws, but not all.

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Leather Art size is 4×6 inches.
Upgrade to include a frame.
If framing yourself, please discard the glass. Leather needs air to breathe and does not require glass covering.

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This item does not have an approval process. Once we get your request, we engrave and ship as quickly as possible. This allows us to provide quality work and craftsmanship to our customers and delivery as soon as possible.

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We cut 4×6 pieces of leather from full hides. They are tanned using the old artisan method of slow tanning with natural vegetable extracts. This gives the leather a rich and warm appearance that will age nicely and will provide a pleasing vintage appearance over time.
We seal and condition every piece of leather.

We use the best A & B grade quality leather available from Hermann Oak suppliers in the United States. It is 6-7 oz in thickness.

Please keep in mind that leather is an organic material. What happens to the hide in life will be visible on the hides we use. Because we use A & B grades, the visible characteristics are minimized, however you may see color variations and natural differences in the leather such as bug bites, scratches, scars, specs, divots, processing marks, stretches and more. This cannot be prevented and are not considered valid points for complaint on the final product.

We feel the natural characteristics in the leather are what makes it a beautiful, natural & unique gift.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 2 in
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