Green Felt and Wood Shenandoah National Park Map Art


Minimalist SNP map with wood and felt textile design

A hand drawn and laser engraved Shenandoah National Park Map that includes Skyline Drive. Map outline is layered over a moss green felt background creating a beautiful piece of art for your home, apartment or bnb decor! Leather strap is included for hanging.
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A beautiful map of Shenandoah National Park

Our newest map design of SNP represents the beauty of living and experiencing the natural landscapes that surround and inspire us. Letting the green space be the focal of design.
Upcycled walnut hardwood park outline map showcases Skyline Drive via a custom engraving in the park cut out.

3/16″ walnut hardwood (dark wood)
premium rustic green felt
Art size 9″ x 24″
Mounted on rigid art board
Includes leather hanging tie.

Upcycled artwork created from our detailed framed SNP map. This helps us to reduce waste and spread more joy throughout the world.
Shop our framed and detailed Shenandoah National Park map.

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