Leather photo sheet music art – photo engraved on leather


Leather photo sheet music art

Have your photo engraved on leather with sheet music engraved on top of it. A unique piece of art only you will own.

Important info:
No dark backgrounds. Please send to jess@jessicawilkeson.com
2. Most songs are more than one page. We can only engrave one page of the music and we always divert to the first page unless you specify otherwise. (ie. Chorus area, or certain lyrics).

    Please scan and/or send the original digital photo at high resolution to jess@jessicawilkeson.com

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1. Provide the singer/song title in the space provided.
2. Email us your photo to jess@jessicawilkeson.com

PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Only light photos will work with this process. No dark backgrounds. Please send a high resolution photo via email.

PLEASE NOTE: MOST SONGS ARE MORE THAN ONE PAGE. Often 4-8 pages in length. We can only engrave one page of the music and we always divert to the first page if multiple pages present themselves.
Should you want a specific section of the song (ie. Chorus area, or certain lyrics) we can TRY to accommodate your request. Please put a message in the “note to seller” section at check out and we will work with you regarding your specific order.


Leather art is 8 x 10 inches and it comes framed in a dark brown wood frame.


This item does not have an approval process. Once we get your request, we engrave and ship as soon as possible.

If you ordered it personalized, please ensure accuracy at time of order. What you provide at time of order is what we will use. Names and dates will be placed on the bottom underneath the sheet music.


We source and purchase the digital sheet music from your request.  We purchase the right to print the sheet music request for each and every order individually. Please do not send us screenshots or files you found on the internet.
ONLY EXCEPTION: If you or someone you know composed an original song, you can send it to us.


We cut 8×10 pieces of leather from full hides. They are tanned using the old artisan method of slow tanning with natural vegetable extracts. This gives the leather a rich and warm appearance that will age nicely and will provide a pleasing vintage appearance over time (the leather will darken).

We use the best A & B grade quality leather available from Hermann Oak suppliers in the United States. However, please keep in mind that leather is an organic material. What happens to the hide in life will be visible on the hides we use. Because we use A & B grades, the visible characteristics are minimized, however you may see color variations and natural differences in the leather such as bug bites, scratches, scars, specs, divots, processing marks, stretches and more. This cannot be prevented and are not considered valid points for complaint in the final product. We feel the natural characteristics in the leather are what makes it a beautiful, natural & unique gift.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 1 in