personalized wood dog tag, quiet dog tag made of recycled wood

personalized wood dog tag, quiet dog tag made of recycled wood


A recycled wood dog tag that is also quiet. No jingle dog tags are the best!

Our pets are family and we care about the earth. These dog tags are created from recycled shop wood. Dog ID tags are necessary to keep our fur-legged children safe and sound (without the sound!). Scroll to bottom to see product video.

  • Please provide  FRONT engraving lines (example below):
    Line 1. Hello I'm:
    Line 2. Juno
    Line 3. Please call my mom
    Line 4. 123-555-5555

    Please provide back engraving (example below):

    Line 1. I live at:
    Line 2. Address line 1
    Line 3. Address line 2
    Line 4. Address line 3
    Line 5. Additional line info
    Line 6. Additional line info
    Line 7. Additional line info

Soft edge hexagon shape wood dog tag.

You can include up to 2 short lines on the front under the pet’s name and up to 7 lines on the back for important information!

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A portion of every order we receive goes to support animal shelters and societies in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, and during natural disasters, such as hurricane and floods to help animals and pets in need!

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• Every wood pet ID tag is personalized just for you and your pet.
• Please provide the details you want on each line during the ordering process.
• A key ring for easily attaching to collars comes with each tag.
• Hexagon shape is sized at: 1 1/4 inches wide x 1 3/8 inches tall

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These are natural wood. If your dog swims daily, we would not recommend the use of this tag.
To protect the longevity of the tag, it would be recommended to remove during bathing or any situation where the tag would be soaked in water for long periods of time.


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