Wedding Vow Books – Set of two laser engraved wood vow books


Wedding Wood Vow books, set of 2

Now reading your vows can be stylish and match the decor of your wedding. Reading from a vow book, instead of a note card or piece of paper, ensures that your vows be safe and adorable for your big day, but you can keep them forever on display in your home with this keepsake note book set.


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Lightweight and durable alder wood is laser engraved.  Hand cut paper is then placed within the spiral binding making these a great set that can last a life time.


1. Choose from the drop down menu what color spiral you want. (Silver or Gold)
2. Choose text option for books.


Comes with 16 pages of blank 65lb paper. (32 Sides). Which are removable, if necessary.
We recommend writing on regular paper first and then transferring your final vows into these books.

Wood book cover measures 4.5 x 6 inches
Paper inside is 4.25 x 5.5 inches
65lb paper
Wood is 1/8 inch thick