7 Fall anniversary date ideas

Top 7 fall anniversary date ideas

Did you know that October is the second most popular month to get married? And for good reason, it’s one of the most beautiful times of year.

The lucky couples celebrating their fall wedding anniversaries can use this time of year to their advantage with cozy sweaters, warm blankets, bonfires, hot cocoa and beautiful outdoor scenery… It would be hard not to spark some romance and feel the love.

Try our top 7 fall anniversary date ideas.

  1. Hit the trails. 
Hike or ride bikes together through your local scenic trails. After an exhilarating time outdoors, cozy up together with some hot chocolate or cider and chat about your winter plans.
  2. Get lost in a corn maze.
They may sound corny (pun intended), but getting lost in a maze brings out your inner child and allows you to goof off together. Having a fun, stress free time can be the best way to entice romance. Add some heat with some PDA at every dead end.
  3. Have a bonfire for two.
 Bonfires with friends are fun. Bonfires with your love are romantic. Make an evening of it and plan the entire event with dinner by the fire (mountain pies and s’mores), hot chocolate, and a seat for two so you can snuggle up together.
  4. Take a weekend fall foliage trip in your home state. 
Explore the greater area of your home state together. Take a drive to experience the best fall foliage, stay in a small town B&B, get back to basics.
  5. Walk through a sunflower field.
Instead of a bouquet of a flowers, why not a whole field? Try Google searching “sunflower fields near [you]”, hop in the car and experience the beauty & awe that is walking through them.
  6. Pick your own produce farm experience and bake or cook together. 
Local farms usually offer the option to pick your own apples in fall. Take a stroll together, “forage” for some delicious food and head home to bake a pie. The end result will be a love baked to perfection.
  7. Enjoy a local high school football game. 
Fully embrace the night by wearing the school colors, cheer and be a part of the school spirit.

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